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Trauma Treatment

 I specialise in the impact of trauma and developmental trauma and stress-related disorders. This could be a ‘one off’ overwhelming event, such as a car accident, violent attack, significant loss, to mini traumas such as traumatic stress and overwhelming events that have gone on in our lives. Trauma also includes events that are almost invisible, such as relational issues, illness, or a series of events or experiences stretching back to childhood, such as neglect ,abuse or poor relationships with early attachment figures. Trauma Therapy uses an integrative and holistic approach to recovery.


I use a psychotherapeutic and somatic body-oriented therapy for people who have experienced childhood trauma (including neglect, emotional or verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse), any single event trauma, repeated trauma, vicarious trauma or generational trauma.


Trauma is not what happened to us but what happens inside us as a result of the events. The ways that we constrict and become more limited in our responses as a result. The adaptations we make that enable us to survive. 

You may not be able to recall the events that led to your difficulties. They may even have been pre-verbal or during your time in the womb.

Clients coming for this therapy may be experiencing PTSD, CPTSD or other trauma-related symptoms and syndromes such as overwhelm, difficulty coping, hypervigilance, on edge, reactive, helpless and a feeling of not feeling safe. It doesn't mean they have been through a trauma, but more an event/experiences that their physiological system couldn't cope. Therefore even challenges and stressful events such as divorce, bereavement , chronic stress leads to unpleasant sensations and symptoms as our nervous system struggles to cope.


This natural approach is the key to why wild animals are not traumatized despite being routinely exposed to life or death situations! We all have an in-built way to process trauma when we are able to feel safe, supported and understood. This may be years after the original events.

Trauma Therapy aims to complete thwarted fight or flight responses and release the biophysical survival energies which are locked into terrifying patterns of fear / anxiety / anger / shutdown / PTSD.

Sessions may include:

  1. Body-based exercises, somatic resourcing and stabilisation

  2. Somatic Attachment Therapy

  3. Integrative Psychotherapy

  4. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT / tapping)

  5. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) through Hypnosis

  6. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma

  7.  Polyvagal Theory through The Safe and Sound Protocol

  8. Trauma Sensitive Yoga

  9. The Rewind Technique

What exactly is trauma

Trauma isn't the event

"Trauma is any experience that's too much for us to process, digest, and integrate, or as what happens inside us as a result of what happened to us"-Gabor Mate

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